Vastu Shastra Guided Unique Living Environments Tailor-Made To Your Requirements.

Vastu Shastra is a way of adding more positivity to all areas of your life.
By following the principles and teachings of this timeless philosophy, you could be experiencing the benefits from your body and mind all the way through to your family and career aspirations.

But What is Vastu Shastra – And How Could it Help You?

Simply, Vastu Shastra is the science behind creating a therapeutic living environment. The art of building a space in which you can not only feel comfortable, but feel noticeable improvements in your wellbeing and general outlook on life.

At Maha Vastu, we can help you start out on your Maha Vastu Shastra journey.

2-Day Vastu Foundation Course

In 2 days Vastu Foundation Course, you will learn the basics of Vastu Shastra, scientific logics behind Vastu rules, practical Vastu techniques and easy to apply simple remedies to experience benefits of Vastu Shastra in your home or apartment.

Maha Vastu

Yesterday it was Vastu Today is MAHAVASTU Vastu Shastra is an Indian science dating back many thousands of years which was used to heal and improve people’s lives in relation to their living space or habitat. But the life, in itself, has undergone a sea change in the past three decades or so. Therefore it is paramount that we use the knowledge in accordance with time, place and circumstances. We need to supplement our inherited knowledge with research based facts and proven formulae to adept it to contemporary life style.

MahaVastu is that supplement: that research based latest technology; the latest and updated version of Vastu.

MahaVastu is a 4-Step Method to know the influence of a liveable space (home or business) on you and your life. These influences can be positive or negative which assists you live an Ideal Life. The concept has been distilled from 10,000 successful research-based case studies.

MahaVastu also provides 16 Techniques to get Solutions without going in for demolitions or structural changes in the building. It is a purer, simpler yet more powerful system for understanding the influences of a building on human behaviour. It ensures Happiness, Wealth, Gains, and Success in life while maintaining modern life style and contemporary architecture.

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