MahaVastu is a global organisation aiming to spread awareness of Vastu Shastra teachings far and wide. We have already helped countless thousands gain true fulfilment in their lives - and we know you could be the next to see these extraordinary changes in your own life.

Delivering consultations and practical training courses, as well as helping people directly with effective remedies, enlightening books and engaging workshops, MahaVastu is well established as one of the world’s foremost authorities on Vastu.

MahaVastu are Vastu Shastra experts with centres across three continents. Wherever you are throughout India, you’ll never be far from a MahaVastu centre. We have centres in the United States helping people find happiness through harmonious living.

Our European operations are based in London, UK – which is where you’ll find our team who are look forward to meeting you, and working with you to provide Vastu Shastra solutions to any of life’s problems. And with our remote consultancy options, we’re only ever a phone call away for fast, first-class Vastu solutions.

Benefits of MahaVastu

We believe "You are here on Earth to experience eternal joy through many ways". That is why the whole human race is running behind fulfilment of one or the other desire, with a single goal, i.e., to experience the joy.

Problems are, in fact, nature's way to attract your attention; e.g., pain in a particular part of your body attracts your attention, so that you could address the situation with medical procedures for restoring the balanced state, i.e., health.

Similarly, problems in life indicate the areas where your attention is required. MahaVastu helps to restore and maintain the balance; and, leads you towards attainment of Money, Health, Fame, Success, and many more joyful experiences in life.

The list below is just a small reference. You may click on any one of these aspects of your life that you need to improve. You will get a small explanation with an example which will help you understand how easily you can enhance that aspect and welcome excellence in your life.

Why MahaVastu

Systematic & Result Oriented Approach

We first work out the root cause of imbalances if any. Then using the unique 16 techniques & remedies correction of imbalances is carried out without making any demolitions (in 98% buildings).

High Precision Level

MahaVastu is a product of minute observations in more than 10,000 documented case studies. With this vast repertoire of knowledge, we can accurately match the symptoms of a problem with 4-Step evaluation.

While diagnosing, high Precision Levels are practised and deviation of even 3° is not allowed. With such precision, Symptoms do match 100% with the problems. Therefore specific remedies are suggested for specific problems

Flexible And Alternate Options

For optimum use of the available space, MahaVastu is the perfect answer as it Offers Flexibility and Options.

Scientific Evaluation Procedure

The real purpose of Vastu is to study a building to check if it is suitable for a particular cause or not. MahaVastu presents a systematic and logical procedure for creating a detailed evaluation report of the building. Using the 16 Maha Vastu zones we can accurately evaluate the effects of any activity which is carried out in a liveable space.

Effective Usage Of Colours & Shapes

MahaVastu explains Attributes & Effects of Colours & Shapes, logically, which match (100%) with the real life observations. So, Colours and Shapes are used to good effects by us.

MahaVastu – A 4-Step Method

MahaVastu is a 4-Step Method to know the influence of your building (home, office or factory) on you and your life.

Effects of 32 Entrances
Power of 16 MahaVastu Zones
Influence of 5 Elements
MahaVastu Programming