3Do you run a business, which is in need of a reversal in fortune? Are you striving for improvements, but don’t know where to begin? A Vastu for Business can help you focus your energies towards the right goals, and help you turn dreams into realities.

Alongside homes and residential spaces, we frequently work with people throughout the commercial sector who are looking for a way to introduce Vastu into their businesses. Whether it’s adjusting desks or moving whole departments, making changes in your business property can inspire significant positive outcomes. A MahaVastu consultancy is the first step to making that happen. Arrange yours today by Calling : 020 393 0444 or sending us an Email : ask.uk@mahavastu.com

Our Vastu consultants understand the finer points of running a business. We appreciate the considerations you need to take in order to get your business working as efficiently and productively as possible. We will take the time necessary to grasp the unique relationship between your colleagues, your products and your customers, and work to suggest the best placements of personnel and other company equipment.

When you walk into your office or business does your energy take flight or dip into the doldrums? Surroundings have a powerful effect on what you attract into your professional life. Creating a harmonious office or business can make the difference between your career or business simply surviving or thriving. Whether you work in a corner suite, cubicle, store, or home-based office, Vastu improvements at work can enhance your career success and increase prosperity and job satisfaction. Vastu for the workplace doesn't mean crystals or pyramids. Instead, it involves strategic changes in such things as placement of your desk, choice of artwork, selection of color, and seating plan based on profile. Commercial clients who have worked with us include every type of small and large business and profession, including: architects, builders, engineers, and realtors; doctors, dentists, and hospitals; acupuncturists, massage therapists and chiropractors; artists and art galleries, restaurants and retail stores; poets and writers; spas and salons; lawyers and accountants.

Why Do I Need Vastu Shastra for Business?

The potential benefits of a Vastu Shastra consultation for a commercial property are far-reaching. Studies have shown Vastu Shastra to be beneficial in improving productivity for businesses, as well as giving a boost to the energy levels of those working in the building.

The desire for a property to be well balanced and harmonised with positive and desirable energies is not one which is restricted to the home – a Vastu Shastra consultation can have a significant impact in any public or commercial space. At MahaVasta, we have worked with many businesses who have experienced a revitalising effect from following the findings of one of our consultations. From the directions faced by different departments through to the location of electrical sockets, our expertise and experience in Vastu teachings can help give you the edge in the world of business.

Arranging My Vastu Shastra Business Consultation

08yogaHave you decided to use MahaVastu to survey your commercial or business property? What’s the next step? Give us a call on 020 3930444 and we’ll get you and your business started on a path towards a more fruitful future. After your initial contact with our team of expert consultants, an informal chat on the phone will help us really get to understand your goals and your expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and professional level of service to all our clients in the business sector, and you will experience that difference from our first conversations. In this first discussion, we will look to get a full picture of the specific challenges you want your business to overcome in the future, and identify the ways in which we will work with you to achieve this. Our call will also outline MahaVastu’s comprehensive range of Vastu Shastra services available to you, along with a frank discussion about the fees involved. We will also seek to commit to a date and time at which we would be able to visit your business location to conduct the consultation and survey in full. Every step of the way, you will be kept informed about the process and what happens next.

What will My Consultation Involve?

13407120_1349041238445294_2752033359674627736_nWe take the same approach to business consultations as for our residential projects – with all focus on addressing the needs of our customers. But every consultation is different, because everyone has a different set of goals they want to achieve from their time with us. To start the consultation, we will take the time necessary to understand what you want from your Vastu Shastra experience. We have worked with businesses of all scales, balancing energies to deliver anything from good fortune in upcoming deals through to the general happiness of staff. We will then run through the key elements of Vastu, making you aware of all the terms and the teachings, which will be applied over the course of the consultation, so nothing is unfamiliar to you. Next, your survey begins. We will move around the exterior of your property and become familiar with its immediate surroundings. This will be followed by a detailed investigation of the interior layout of your business, moving through each of the rooms in turn. Suggestions will include changes to the positioning of furniture and objects especially the best place to display your products and services, as well as considerations on the use of colour and space in your property. After considering the property in great detail, we will apply the MahaVastu 4-step method in order to summarise the actions to follow from your consultation. By following the teachings of the method and applying them to your business, we can identify the areas in your property to be focused on. This may be the correction of negative energies, or the refocusing of certain elements in order to affect the desired outcome you seek. Let’s talk through our methods in more detail - just call 020 393 0444, or put your questions on an email to ask.uk@mahavastu.com.

What Happens Next?

wealth-and-abundanceYour Vastu Compliantplan is a comprehensive plan of the steps we recommend you take. By following the plan to the letter, you will begin rebalancing the energies necessary to initiate the changes you want to see in your business. Experience tells us that efforts to amend the energies in a property can take up to 8 weeks to take shape, which is why we will contact you to arrange a review two months after your initial consultation. Your first review will take into account all the changes you have introduced to your business, while getting a sense of the impact your operations have felt as a result. You may be one of our clients who has experienced a revolutionary difference in the outlook of your team and the fortunes of your business – and if so, that’s fantastic! But Vastu Shastra is a method to introduce lasting change to a business, and great results can take longer to materialise. You do have the option to book a secondary appointment with our consultants if you have any further questions following your 8 week review. We will work with you for as long as it takes for the changes you seek to become apparent in your business.

What Are the Fees?

The fee for a business consultancy ranges from £900 upwards. The fee varies depending on the location and area of the property to be studied. Give us a call on 020 393 0444 for a more accurate picture of the cost for your consultancy.