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August 24, 2016
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August 24, 2016

Get Healthy With Vastu

by Vastu Acharya Geetanjali (CEO MahaVastu London)

These Simple Vastu Tips Can Help You Combat Bad Health

There are four key factors to good health – immunity, nutrition, mental and physical condition. So where does Vastu come in?

A Vastu-friendly residence is as essential for health as for any other facet in your life. Time and time again, Vastu has been shown to bring happiness and prosperity into people’s lives, but good health serves as another key benefit.

Vastu is both an art and science, which works to ensure energy alignments in your home or place of work are beneficial in all manner of ways. MahaVastu has developed the innovative 4-Step Evaluation technique, a system which is incredibly helpful in checking the Vastu-compliance of any building. This technique determines the strength of the Five Elements (Water, Space, Air, Earth and Fire) and the 16 Vastu zones. According to Vastu principles, problems can become apparent if there are any imbalances between these elements.

The challenges of the modern world – and greater numbers of people living closer together in crowded towns and cities – have led to more complicated problems than in previous decades and centuries. With difficulties finding clean water, effective sanitation and waste disposal solution, health issues have crept up on societies around the world. One of the key applications of Vastu is on the subject of health, and with the assistance of experts, it can be easily accomplished.

Each Vastu zone is responsible for a certain life-quality. The North-North East zone takes care of health and immunity.

Keep your medicines in this zone, as well as all medical reports. If there are anti-elements, like black and red-coloured items, iron items, fire in any form (kitchen, stove), mixer-grinder, washing machine, inverter, toilet, sink, dustbin, and so on, there could be lowered immunity and serious health problems. A toilet would certainly be inadvisable for the promotion of good health. The main colours for this zone are green and blue. Place a Swastika or Aunkar symbol on the wall in this zone to attract better health and immunity.

Good immunity levels are vital for helping your body fight off any attempt at infection. If your nutrition levels are insufficient, it will have a negative impact on your immune system. Healthy food is best prepared in a kitchen in the South-East and South-South-East Vastu zones. Check and see where your kitchen is located. If it lies in any other zone apart from SE and SSE, simple Vastu remedies can ensure that any ill-effects are removed. Likewise, the dining room is best located in the South, South-East and West Vastu zones. How well do you sleep? Do you feel energetic? If not, see where the bed is. If it is in the East-South-East, West-North-West or South-South-West Vastu zone, you might suffer unnecessarily from poor sleep, obsessive thinking and depression – all of which have an impact on health. The West, South and East zones make for good bedrooms.

The North-East Vastu zone determines the overall state of mental clarity. A puja room is excellent here, as it imparts a sound, stable and clear mind. If the kitchen or toilet is located here, it can cause severe damage. Nails are a no-no, as these cause haemorrhages. An overhead water tank can lead to neurological problems. If anything is amiss, ask your MahaVastu Expert what you should do – and do it quickly!

Do you have a healthy routine? Start exercising on a regular basis, and do this in the South-South-East zone. It will make you physically stronger and boost your confidence and immunity immensely. You will be capable of tackling anything at anytime.

If you feel lethargic? Take the time to check if you are spending too much time in the West-North-West zone? Change the activity location to a beneficial zone. Fun and good friends are also medicine in their own way. A pleasant time in a good company boosts your heart. If you feel sad and moody, clean up the East and East-North-East. Hang a smiling Sun on the East zone wall to gain good associations that are like sunshine, warm and heartening. The health of your South-West zone will ensure supportive and good family life, and promote skills. The West effects gains and prosperity, with the West-South-West impacting concentration and saving of all gains.

So, now you know the secret to a secure, healthy life! Whatever disease may strike, you will have a Vastu-compliant house that will stop ill health in its tracks and protect you.

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