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August 24, 2016
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August 24, 2016

How To Get Rid Of Lethargy At Home?

by Vastu Acharya Geetanjali (CEO MahaVastu London)

Are You Feeling Tired And Lethargic?

Is it impacting your positivity, and what you feel you can accomplish during the day? If your energy levels could do with a boost, it pays to identify the causes of lethargy. Once you know the cause, or causes, you can begin to combat them and enjoy a better quality of life.

MahaVastu teaches that a few imbalanced zones at home or office can create an environment which is full of negative vibes. These negative energies can affect motivation, state of mind and the confidence of the property’s occupants.

MahaVastu says that every emotion and thought that appears inside you is influenced by the energy that is emitted through 16 different zones, or the directions. Lethargy means feeling lack of energy, drowsiness or tiredness. A lethargic person feels sluggish, uninterested or inactive, but through Vastu Shastra this can be treated by balancing energies in the home.

One of the major imbalances in the building that can cause lethargy is the location of the store room. If a store room is created in East-North-East zone of the house, it will definitely cause lethargy. The purpose of the store room is to accumulate various household articles that are rarely used or need to be disposed. With store in this zone at home, the residents start fearing that they might lose their settled jobs, start becoming lethargic and also begin to procrastinate and delay important work.

If you have a store in this zone, don’t panic – there is a remedial solution! Simply paint the walls in a light green colour, and you should find that any feelings of lethargy are quickly eased away.

Another cause of lethargy, as found by MahaVastu, is a bedroom in South-South-West (SSW). Having a bedroom in this zone fires up the disposal activity, and the vibrations of this activity dispose of the energy of people sleeping in this room. Similarly, bedroom located in the West- North-West, which is the zone of depression and low moods as per MahaVastu, is another main reason which brings mental lethargy. Peope sleeping in this bedroom do not feel like doing anything (primarily due to their past experiences). Memories of the past do not let them start afresh, and they remain in the state of nothing doing.

Your MahaVastu expert might even recommend the movement of a few objects or addition of a few paintings or artefacts. The placement of a statue of a deer on the floor or on table in the West north west zone of the house could have a significant impact.MahaVastu says that deer in this zone emanates vibrations that fill its occupants with youthful energy and they do not feel tired easily or become lethargic. A deer’s presence infuses vitality and speed into any sluggish system. This MahaVastu remedy encourages people to work and perform better – and often beyond their expected capabilities.

If you have any Vastu faults in your home or business which could cause occupants to become lethargic, remember that none of these faults are permanent. Any issues can be treated easily with MahaVastu remedies. If you are fighting with lethargy, MahaVastu has simple yet effective solutions which can see you filled with energy and ready to take on the world once more!

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