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How To Overcome Delay In Marriage?

by Vastu Acharya Geetanjali (CEO MahaVastu London)

Marriage is perhaps the most momentous occasion of one’s life. Apart from the excitement of the ceremonies, the gifts, and the love and blessings of family, friends and well-wishers, it is the beginning of a new life together.

The Vastu Shastra is an admirable text, full of wisdom and instruction on every matter concerned with life. It deals with health, wealth, and prosperity. It also tells you what to do for a happy and fulfilling marriage. MahaVastu has conducted over 12,000 case studies to demonstrate how all this works successfully.

Very few wish to remain unmarried and without partners. For parents who want their offspring happily settled, and individuals who wish to meet and marry the partner of their dreams, the Vastu balance of their houses is the crux of the matter. Your house-energy generates the emotions you feel and these will make you who you are, and determine what happens to you. By tweaking these energy configurations physically, Vastu ensures that positive events will follow.

Mainly, delays in marriage are caused if the South-West zone (relationships and skills) is afflicted. Presence of anti-colours, shapes and objects causes the Five Element (Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth) balance to be upset. The South-West represents the Earth Element, and if there is Water, synonymous with blue colour and wavy lines, it will wash away or dilute chances of marriage.

Too much red or Fire will also cause trouble, so a kitchen is never recommended here. A bathroom is a no-no. Both the kitchen and bathroom can be treated with simple Vastu remedies. The use of white colour and a statue of a pair of love birds will enhance the energy of this zone.

There are other important things to look at. Where is the main entrance? What is your network of contacts like? Do you get support when you need it? Are you earning enough and have you adequate savings? Do you feel socially secure and relaxed? Is your family healthy?

A properly-located entrance, like one in the North, South, East or West will bring in positive results. If in the South-South-West, East-South-East or West-North-West zones, it will bring in adverse effects. For marriage, proper decision making is an absolute must. Is the zone of the mind, the North, free of affliction? For these and other problems, if they do exist, or for a simple Vastu-appraisal, call a Vastu expert for a house-evaluation.

The North, East, South, South-West and West zones are good for the prospective bride and groom to meet. Another excellent zone is the South-South-East. The same zones are good for marriage negotiations, and if held in the North-West, will get support from others as well. Those desirous of marriage should sleep in the South-West zone.

Evaluation of the 16 zones and Five Elements in your house and Vastu treatments will help you gain a good partner, removing all obstacles to marriage easily.

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