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How To Select A New Property?

by Vastu Acharya Geetanjali (CEO MahaVastu London)

Selecting a new property is a hugely important decision. While choosing a new property, the provision of love, happiness, safety, growth and prosperity are all properties which must be fulfilled. Vastu Shastra gives you the means of fulfilling the purpose of the building, whether it is as a home or as a place of work. Seeking Vastu advice should be a key part of your decision making process for any property purchase.

There Are Three Important Factors To Be Evaluated In The Layout Planning Of A Property

According to MahaVastu, there are 32 possible locations of entrance of a building. Each of them corresponds with adverse or beneficial situations being faced by the inhabitants. For instance, an entrance in the South-West brings debt, poverty and relationship problems. You may not get your payment on time due to an entrance in the South-East. Similarly, entrance in North brings abundance of money and career success. Apart from this, entrance effects also include frequent accidents and mishaps. Hence, you should always look for a house which has its main entrance in the most beneficial locations. Having said this, if the entrance of your new property (or plot) is not in a Vastu-recommended direction, you should not necessarily avoid buying it in the first place. MahaVastu has easy to apply solutions that negate the negative effects of having the entrance in the wrong direction.
Always check whether it is possible to impose Vastu recommendations across your rooms, or have your rooms built in the right orientation. It is very important as location of rooms in different directions will decide the outcome of your efforts. For instance, if you have a bedroom in between East and South-East, which as per MahaVastu is the zone of anxiety, you will not be able to relax and will have frequent disagreements with your spouse. When made in between South and South-West directions it will devoid you of your efforts and will make you feel as if your life is worthless. Similarly, a toilet installed between North and North-East direction will weaken your immunity, and installed in the north might block your career and income. So, preferably avoid buying an apartment with such room locations. Ideally, bedrooms can be located in South, West and East. However, the most appropriate direction of bedroom should be decided according to your profession. Similarly, bathrooms should ideally be located in the South-SouthWest and East-SouthEast zones.
The Five Elements – or panchtattvas– comprise of water, air, fire, earth and space, and these can be vital in finding the right property. Each of the 16 Vastu zones in a building is dominated by one of these five elements. You have to see if all of these elements are finely balanced in their respective zones. For example, Fire element is represented by the kitchen, which if placed in North (direction of Water) will hamper new opportunities in career and cash inflow. Similarly, with Water boring placed in South-West will block career growth and create severe clashes in family relationships. By taking care of where your rooms are positioned, you can ensure that your property purchase decisions are enriched with balanced energies, resulting in an optimal future for all who live there.
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