Our People

vastuOur teachings are valuable, but we like to think it’s the people behind MahaVastu which make it so beloved by so many of our customers. We take great pride in the power of MahaVastu’s people, who are some of the most experienced and widely-respected Vastu Shastra practitioners in the world. When you call MahaVastu, you’ll be speaking directly with one of these experts - so why wait? Put the energy of your property in the best of hands, and call 0203 393 0444 today.

Acharya Geetanjali

Ach GeetGeetanjali is an interior designer by profession, with years of experience as a qualified teacher in interior design, gained from the Interior Design College in India. Following a Masters in the subject, Geetanjali would soon share her passion and flair for improving lives through design. A farmer’s daughter, Geetanjali has a close association with the natural world. Her passion for bringing the outdoors in has served her well over the decades she has spent following Vastu Shastra. Geetanjali takes a distinctive approach to the practice of Vastu. While Vastu typically concentrates on the building, Geetanjali has a much more fluid interpretation of the disciple. She places emphasis on the importance of the person, researching the motivations and inspirations of the client as well as a focus on the property. Geetanjali’s unique interpretation of Vastu has had significant impacts on hundreds of past customers and clients, for a wide range of different aims. One recent consultancy involved a lady who was unable to find a job. Geetanjali assessed and analysed where this lady went to sleep in her house. Observing that the sleeping zone in her home was too relaxed, Geetanjali advised the client to sleep in a different place to rebalance and refocus her energies. Following Geetanjali’s recommendations, the client soon found a job. Geetanjali brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the group, and with a track record for excellent results your consultation couldn’t be in better hands.

Satyan Bhalla

Knowledgeable on all things real estate, Satyan Bhalla is our in-house expert when it comes to buying and selling property. Satyan will apply his deep understanding of Vastu Shastra principles to ensure you get the results you want without undue delay. Satyan is a Masters graduate in Business and highly competent in data and number crunching. Combining Vastu concepts with a firm handle on administration and exceptional organisational skill, you can rest assured that your consultation is in safe, professional hands from the very first call.

Namrata Thakkar

Namrata has a peerless attention to detail, and as a time-served draughtswomen is responsible for the detailed preparation of all our reports. Our consultations are comprehensive and take a serious amount of organisation. Namrata makes sure that every individual element of our consultations run smoothly and according to plan, helping you enjoy the best possible level of customer service and our typically excellent turn times. Alongside our consultations, Namrata is responsible for organising all MahaVastu events, from training through to our invite-only special events.