Remote Consultations

13419239_1351091441573607_8912414539780161588_nWhile we have offices in three continents around the world, we know that not every business, which could benefit from an on-site Vastu Shastra consultation, is realistically able to. Our consultants will make every attempt to visit your property in person, but if this is clearly not a possibility, a remote consultation is possible, so you can still transform your working space into an environment filled with positive energy, encouraging concentration and top performance, resulting in better working relationships and clearer decision making. If you believe that an on-site consultation will not be possible for your business, get in touch with us and we will confirm whether we need to conduct an online survey.

What’s Included?

An online survey would involve detailed photography and floor plans, along with Google Earth images and research into the property and the surroundings. While not as finely tuned as an onsite survey, working remotely with your consultants will still be able to give a very strong set of recommendations for optimising your property.


The fee for an online consultation is £450 - including all analyses, recommendations and correspondence over the goals for your consultancy.