family-relationsAllow us to guide you in rearranging your home. Together, we’ll balance the five elements and work to transform your life, all through the use of practical Vastu for apartments fitting in with how you want to live in your home.

Why do I Need Vastu Shastra for My Home?

You might consider a Vastu consultation when you are at a crossroads in your life and you seek to make a positive change. By using Vastu Shastra’s teachings and principles for your home, you might hope to bring success and happiness to all those who live with you, or a long and healthy lifestyle. Vastu Shastra will not only bring positive energies into your home, but you will find that negative energies are filtered away. The cleansing and rejuvenating quality of a Vastu Shastra consultation has helped countless people welcome a more optimistic and upbeat atmosphere into their home.

Arranging My Vastu Shastra Consultation

residential-vastu-consultant-250x250Once you’ve made the decision that you would like a personal home consultation from our MahaVastu experts, what happens next? In the first instance, one of our consultants will call you on the phone. We think it’s important to build a friendly, personal relationship with every one of our clients, in order that we can best understand what they are looking for from the consultation process. We will use this opportunity to learn about the challenges you are facing in your life, and the areas in which you would like to make those all-important improvements. During this call, we will outline the range of MahaVastu services which would be relevant to your circumstances, covering the fee structures as well as the dates we’d be available to visit your home in person. Every step of the way with your Vastu Shastra consultation, you can be assured of a professional, customer-focused level of service which puts your needs first. This includes comprehensive reports and reviews to keep you firmly in the loop at all times.

vaastu-consultancy-1403349_service_image Every MahaVastu home consultation is different, because no two sets of circumstances or challenges are ever quite the same. Every procedure does involve the most attentive client service, taking into account all of your requirements – be they goal-orientated, budgetary or time-based. At the start of the session, we will ask what you want to improve or attract into your personal and professional life. Typical issues include love and relationships, wealth and prosperity, health and well-being.

Next, we will teach you the basics of Vastu so that you understand why we are recommending certain adjustments. Then, we will walk around the outside of your home to take a look at and see what is surrounding you in the neighbourhood.

Finally, we will go through the rooms and we will make suggestions for changing the placement of furniture, objects, artwork and dealing with colour. It’s an informal process which really gets to the heart of what you want to change, and how to go about achieving it.

These steps are essential for assessing the character and precise orientation of your home, and evaluating the areas of focus in order to affect the lifestyle changes you want to see in future. Following the readings, your consultant will then produce a detailed report to profile your home in accordance with the 16 zones of Vastu Shastra. Using MahaVastu’s unique 4-step methodology, your consultation will result in key calculations which can highlight beneficial or problematic areas, and suggest ways you can optimise these areas to the greatest effect.

A consultation for a typical home takes 2 to 3 hours. The time is based on the issues you are dealing with rather than on the size of your home. For a better idea of how long it will take us to analyse your property, give us a call for a no-obligation chat.
Following our evaluation of your home, you will receive a property survey complete with written step-by-step recommendations, called a Vastu Compliant plan. We will also give you the MahaVastu Book, an award winning publication designed to help and inspire you with making ongoing adjustments to energies throughout your home.
air-water-fire-earthYour Vastu Compliant plan will contain a breakdown of the simple and inexpensive remedies we recommend in order to balance and harmonise your home. After you have taken the steps to implement these recommendations, we will arrange a review in 8 weeks’ time to gauge the improvement. While this review is intended to gauge the initial results of the remedies you have used, it is worth remembering that Vastu Shastra is not a quick fix. Lasting changes can take months to become apparent, but within the first few weeks it is usually possible to see the signs of a successful treatment. Often, small changes in the placement of furniture and other objects can bring dramatic results. We treat all our clients like extended family, and following the review process we will make a continued effort to keep in touch with you. We will not only check up with your ongoing progress, but you can expect an invite to all our upcoming special events. A consultation with MahaVastu is the beginning of a personal relationship, not a transaction.

Our fees depend on the location and the area being studied, but for a typical home consultancy, fees can vary from approximately £800 upwards. We would be happy to speak with you to discuss your needs, and the likely costings for the consultancy service you want - just call on 020 393 0444 or email and we’ll take that first step together.

Remote Consultations for Your Home

The global scope of MahaVastu means that hundreds of millions of people are able to request a Vastu Shastra survey and have one of our expert consultants come to your property in person. Unfortunately, it is clear that some locations are not within reach of our teams. If we find that your home is beyond reasonable travel time, we would still be delighted to offer you a remote consultancy service. Contact us in the first instance to determine whether you need a remote survey, as wherever possible, we like to conduct the surveys in person for optimal results. If we find a remote survey necessary, simply get in touch with us with some photographs and floor plan of your home, setting out the reasons you would like to discuss your priorities or concerns with a Vastu Shastra expert. Then, using Google Earth images and some background research into the property and surrounding area, we will be able to put our expertise to good use and create an effective Vastu Shastra property survey remotely. As with every in-person MahaVastu survey, you will still have full access to all our reports and follow-up services following the survey.