The essential difference between ancient Vastu and MahaVastu

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May 15, 2015

vastu-purushbigMahaVastu is response to modern and rapidly transforming times, though the ancient Vastu forms the bedrock of MahaVastu.

Life has changed, time is precious and space is overcrowded. Everyone is in rush and wishes to prosper and fulfill all desires. This era certainly has all the right forces therefore you have the opportunity to fulfill your wishes in this lifetime, itself. Clarity of purpose and plentiful resources must be at your command to do all of the above.

With over 10, 000 case studies of practical Vastu application, we have realised that even where the traditional Vastu tenets were not followed, the inhabitants lived happy lives. So, after intense exploration of ancient knowledge and new research, MahaVastu was born – thanks to Khusdeep Bansal.

Your home conditions you, so does your work place. The exteriors are important, as are colours, shapes, materials and symbols. All this is energy that creates emotions which creates your personality. What MahaVastu does is tweak the home energy, whether it is regular in shape or not. Traditional Vastu can treat only regular-shaped buildings, and often suggests demolition and rebuilding in cases of affliction, whereas MahaVastu does not. Traditional Vastu has been largely unable to accommodate modern scenarios, especially in crowded urban areas. MahaVastu has several easy, non-demolition cures applicable to all situations.

It is a new and enhanced way to diagnose and treat Vastu-related factors. It has certain features, such the systematic 4-Step Evaluation and circular 360 degree mapping of the 16 Vastu zones that lead to higher accuracy in pinpointing problems and identifying treatment. Therefore, the new and abiding wave is MahaVastu.