Along with expert consultations, you can also learn Vastu Shastra for yourself with one of MahaVastu’s highly rated training courses.

We run specific courses every month, focused on a particular area of Vastu Shastra. These courses give you a detailed understanding of the topic, and give you guidance on how you can apply these areas of Vastu to positively impact your own life.

From foundation Vastu courses to more advanced tuition, there is a MahaVastu course to suit you. The courses are delivered by Acharya Geetanjaliji herself, so you can recap the benefits of her years of experience and close relationships with some of the most influential figures in the world of Vastu Shastra. Book your place today on 0203 393 0444, or email

What Will My Course Involve?

12108283_960112987383533_4190938548413413911_nOur selection of training courses are each designed to help you address areas of concern in your life, and find an effective remedy through the power of Vastu Shastra.

Through our training, you could find the answers to a number of life’s questions.

Perhaps you’re looking to create family harmony, or you’re searching for more passion in personal relationships.

Would you like to discover how you can improve the concentration of your children by reorganising some certain household objects? Or which objects have an impact on your financial prosperity?

Wherever and however you want to find love and happiness, health or wealth, we can show you a proven effective route through MahaVasta’s 4 Steps method.

Through MahaVasta and our blend of age-old wisdoms and innovative applications, you will notice changes in your life experience by making subtle yet significant alterations to your living or working environment.

Our specially devised training courses and remedies will help you understand the theory and apply the knowledge to your own life. The results could change the way you think about your present and future. What are you waiting for? All our courses are ratified and approved by relevant awarding bodies, including the British Architect Awarding Body. – to be added later

All our courses are ratified and approved by relevant awarding bodies, including the British Architect Awarding Body.

We try to make our Vastu training courses available to as many people as possible, so we make a special effort ensure that there is always a training opportunity near you. Our courses are held in convenient locations such as hotels, specially selected for factors including spacious modern facilities and ample parking.
For just £450, you can unlock all the benefits of one of our comprehensive Vastu Shastra courses - and acquire the knowledge, which could set you and your family on the path to a brighter future. Your course content has been devised by leading thinkers in the discipline, and included in the course fee you will receive a kit containing a Manual, Skakti Chakra, Campus and a Ready Reckoner. Additional to the content and kit, your course also includes all taxes and a selection of refreshments throughout the day.
Take a look at this video for a course overview, or join the community on our Whatsapp group - which covers a selection of frequently asked questions about the course content and what to expect from your training sessions. It also creates a supportive and nurturing learning environment, which allows you to reach your true potential faster than you thought possible. If you have any questions about any aspect of the training on offer through MahaVastu, you can contact us on 020 393 0444.