Vastu & Architecture

13912387_1390440874305330_8455466575350418155_nThe ancient Indian science of Vastu Shastra has a wide range of applications, and one of the most prominent is as a tool for architects.

At MahaVastu we have worked with prominent architects across the world, helping them to craft exceptional developments centered on the principles of Vastu Shastra. Masterminding projects from conception through to completion, we will bring our decades of experience to bear on your plans, together creating something, which is as spiritually balanced, as it is architecturally impressive.

You can turn the economic downturn into your own personal upturn, with the advice of your personal Vastu consultant. As an architect, you can assure your client that their bespoke home or business premises will not only be visually appealing but balanced for emotional wellbeing. Inhabitants will feel recharged, rested, relaxed or energised depending on the zones in which they spend time. You can work with your client and with your Vastu Shastra consultant to create areas for spirituality, studying, socialising and sleeping and they can expect huge rewards for living or working in harmony with these Indian principles.