Vastu & Buying New Properties

10-vastu-tips-for-building-a-new-house-1-638When you’re selling a home or considering purchasing a new home, deal with greater confidence with the support of your personal Vastu Shastra consultant. We will be there to guide you in rearranging space, shifting energies and attracting prosperity with your next step in the property market. Optimise your real estate journey with Vastu by Calling : 020 393 0444 or sending us an Email :

When you are thinking of buying a new property, we can either attend the property in person or, if you prefer, we can conduct a Vastu assessment for you remotely. For a remote assessment, we’ll need you to send us estate agents details, a floor plan and photos of the property. With your information and our knowledge of Vastu principles, we’ll have everything we need to gauge whether the property is going to give you happiness over the years to come.
The fee for an online recommendation is £250 - including analyses of Vastu compliance.

The main things to think about when buying new properties... A home is a place where you want to provide love and happiness, ensure safety and encourage growth and prosperity. Through Vastu Shastra, you can take any property and maximise the potential for fulfilling these needs. Here are some key factors which should be considered for the best possible results - which we can guide you through in one informal chat on the phone.

Where Are Your Entrances?
Did you know that according to MahaVastu, there are 32 possible locations for the entrance of a building - and if you’ve got particular challenges in your life which you want to address, the entrance you choose can be absolutely critical. To bring positive energy into your home, Vastu can reveal the most beneficial locations for the outcomes you seek - but if these entrances aren’t available for your potential property, our consultants can help you find other solutions to help your situation.
Think About Your Rooms
It’s not just the entrances you have to consider. The location and direction of the rooms in your property can have a significant effect on your happiness and fortune, as well as your conflicts and clashes. For example, a bedroom located in the South, West or East can have a sizeable positive impact on your career prosperity. It can pay substantial lifestyle rewards to get your rooms aligned correctly through Vastu.
Take A Look At The Five Elements
The Five Elements, or panchtattvas, are water, air, fire, earth and space. One of these elements will dominate in each of the 16 Vastu zones in a property, and depending on the element and the direction of a room, this will have a clear positive or negative effect in anything from work and cash flow through to the quality of your relationships with family or friends. Your MahaVastu consultant will work closely with you to get the most out of each of the elements, and balance them appropriately in your new property for the brightest possible future.
It is easy to enjoy the benefits of our expertise and experience for a wide range of real estate situations. We can help you optimise future properties in the following ways, and many more besides.
Make sure you are making the right investment at the right time by asking us for a consultation before making an offer. Vastu principles of placement and energy flow will help to optimise your potential more easily and more successfully. We can advise you whether an on-site or remote consultation would be more preferable to get the result you seek.
We would be happy to give you our professional opinion on the floor plan of any prospective home.
Make more of your existing home through an expertly-guided extension, or a re-model based on Vastu Shastra principles.
If you have a vision of the perfect home, share it with the team at MahaVastu. With our own team of architects, builders and property experts, we can help to turn your dream into a reality while ensuring the construction and fitting are fully compatible with Vastu Shastra philosophy.
Did you know that we often receive requests to carry out Vastu surveys for properties worldwide? We have brought our Vastu-based teachings to clients from all over the world, helping people achieve their goals and ambitions - whatever they might be. The first step in this would be to send us a range of images of your property, along with an explanation of why you’re looking for a Vastu Shastra consultation. Let us know about your priorities and concerns over an informal phone conversation, and as part of this life-changing discussion, we’ll get to the bottom of your overall requirements. We’ll also discuss travel options for us as consultants to come and evaluate the property, as well as to chat about any fees involved. Because we honour cultural preferences and customs with deep respect and confidentiality, MahaVastu remains popular across the world for Vastu Shastra consultancy. See for yourself, and call or email to talk about using Vastu to make your property a more positive place to be.
13892305_1392017584147659_2128670000560881713_nFor information on any of the above services, or to find out how we could use Vastu to improve your future health and wellbeing, our expert consultants are only a phone call away.
MahaVastu can also help you prepare your home for a quicker sale, by staging your furniture and other objects in optimised arrangements for a more effective first impression. We can advise on the right colours, the best objects and the correct alignments for a positive house sale result.
One of the major benefits of using MahaVastu for real estate solutions is that we have our very own team of builders and architects, who are well versed in our working methods. This means that no matter what your problems, we have a team of professionals who are ready and able to start work without delay. Just one more reason to trust MahaVastu to help you buy, sell or build your house. Get in touch today to make your property dreams come true!